Snow Removal in Lloydminster done right


Lloydminster Snow Removal Questions and Concerns

What areas do you service?

Swept Up and Striped Down provides complete snow removal services for commercial and residential locations in Lloydminster and surrounding areas.

What type of residential equipment does Swept Up and Striped Down use?

Our vehicles are equipped with wide rear mounted snow blowers. Our blowers cut straight edges through the snow, leaving your driveways neat and tidy.

Is there a minimum amount of snowfall before you provide snow removal services?

We send the plows out as soon as the snowfall exceeds 3 cm. Alternatively, we clear off the snow left on your property by municipal plows at all times.

What if the city plows come by after you've already cleared my driveway?

Swept Up and Striped Down performs repeat cleanups after the city plows have passed. If you require service for a second cleaning, please call (780) 871-2981

Will Swept Up and Striped Down clear my driveway of snow before I leave in the morning?

Our goal is to provide prompt snow removal services to homes and businesses in Lloydminster. Results may vary depending on when a snowfall begins. We make every effort to ensure properties are cleared by morning following overnight snowfalls. Call our office at any time for immediate assistance.

Do you provide customer service by phone during a snowstorm?

Yes, we provide 24/7 customer service during snowstorms. Keep in my mind that call volume may be high at this time.

What are your snow removal rates?

We offer several packages and payment plans for Lloydminster residents and business owners. Prices vary depending on your needs. Call (780) 871-2981 for more information.